E timpul sa inventam amintiri (cu) noi

Noi in ceainaria de la Cotroceni, azi sau acum 2-3 ani.



May 26, 2013

pick us pick us

ca tot a venit vremea pozelor de diploma, si vremea pozelor de CV e in toi

May 25, 2013


azi sterg tot de pe calculator si ma gandeam, in afara de chestiile pentru scoala, mai am ceva ce trebuie pastrat neaparat?

the race!

May 6, 2013

momentul ala cand iti dai seama ca ai casa mai murdara decat personajul deprimat din film, care-si plange de mila pe gresie. ’cause being depressed is all about who’s depressed more!

sometimes when everytime I think about the promise of space exploration, about the possibility that there are other inhabited planets, either populated by beings similar to us or by others, when I think about the miracle of life and the mystery of the universe, and all that is yet to be revealed, I get incredibly sad thinking that I will die soon, that a lifespan is not enough, that it will all happen without me. in the end, what I want to be, what I am best at, is a glorified observer. what I hold most dear, what one could say I live for, are those moments of revelation when another piece of the puzzle falls into place, and I feel as though the collective memory of humanity is realized through me, within me.
I’m not being melodramatic, I do get inconsolably sad on account of this.


April 26, 2013


sunt obligata de o saptamana sa stau in acelasi loc la biblioteca. ascult muzica pe care am primit-o de la tine in folderul “andreuta 57”. a mai venit si primavara. bem si noi un ceai la bufet? toata ziua?

April 2, 2013



stii cand in sfarsit iti dai seama ce vrei sa spui, dar esti deja prea obosit ca sa mai scrii, si oricum gandul ca ti-ai dat seama ce vrei sa spui keeps you warm at night (cand dormi, evident)?

oameni ar spune ca asta e lipsa de ambitie, dar oamenii aia sunt rai.